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All our planetary gearboxes and RACKS can be supplied with pinions.


Reckon® offers a variety of pinions that were designed to fit the shafts of our planetary gearboxes.

These pinions can be either:

  • Made of quenched 40Cr steel (30 HRC) with a cut finish (precision class DIN 8). This option is ideal when gearing on a soft C45 rack.


  • Made of carburized and quenched steel (58-62 HRC) and ground to precision class DIN 6h25 or DIN 5e23. Both ground options feature crowned teeth, to improve the localization and distribution of the contact pressure between the pinion and the rack. The contact pressure of crowned gears is applied near the center of the pitch-line, which protects the gear teeth against breakage.


We can assemble your choice of pinion on your planetary gearbox before shipment.

We can propose various connections with the shaft:

Pinions with an inner hole and a keyway

This option is economical and is suitable for applications with a limited number of reversals per hour and a moderate use of the peak torque (ideal for Access, Lively and Wiser).

In case of frequent reversals, the key may become the weak element in your system. Therefore we do not recommend it for dynamic applications.

Pinions with DIN 5480 splines

This solution requires an assembly with the gearbox in our workshop. It is well adapted to applications requiring high torque (frequent use of the acceleration torque) and fast reversals. it is available on:

  • Access 60 - 70 - 90 - 120
  • X-Treme 60 - 75 - 100 - 140
  • Booster 60 - 90 - 120
  • Lively 60 - 90 - 120 - 140 - 155 

Note : with splines you may note a decreased concentricity compared to a ground shaft with a shrink disk. The pitch-line of the shaft splines may be up to 15 µm outcentered, and so may be the pitch-line of the inner splines of the pinion, so in the worst case, both defects can combine to a 30 µm total excentricity.

Pinions for shrink disks

This is our favorite option for applications requiring a high torque combined with a high precision, because shrink disks are safe and concentric.

You may find high quality shrink disks at the following suppliers : RingfederKTRRingspannFenner DrivesUST TsubakiLovejoyClimaxRexnord...

Note that:

  • shrink disks are slightly more expensive than the other options,
  • the number of teeth of the pinion needs to provide a diametre large enough to allow locating a shrink disk, so locating one is not always possible,
  • shrink disk assembly requires a careful degreasing of the inner diametre surface.

Pinions for output flanges (Spirit or Ultimate series)

The rotating output flange includes a centering diametre and threaded holes, to locate a pinion. However, depending on the number of teeth, you'll have to use either a flat pinion that you can screw on the rotating flange, or a pinion and adapter assembly like on the picture on the right.

- We recommend using a flat pinion with a ground adapting face when the number of teeth is large enough so the pinion can be screwed on the flange (identical to the one on the picture on the top).

- A pinion with an adapter plate can be made to fit the Spirit or Ultimate output flanges (ISO 9409-1-A), for applications where stiffness has to be maximized (machine-tool etc.). In such case we recommend to use the tapered-roller bearing version of Ultimate, in order to maximize stiffness.


Do not hesitate to request a quote, drawings or technical information by clicking here. We will need to know:

- the gearbox line and size you are considering,

- the module,

- the number of teeth,

- the type (with splines or with key etc.)

If you would like us to recommend the best gearbox + pinion + rack combination, please let us know, we'll be happy to help.

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