• One fits them all!

    1 arc-min backlash available from size 75 mm.

  • High-precision racks

    as they should always look like

  • The sound of quality

    Our gearboxes are quiet as mice

A passion for (good) mechanics

We are leaders in design and manufacture of helical or spur, servo-grade gearboxes for a variety of applications, from conveyors to high speed delta robots or fast laser cutting, packaging or printing machines.


All gearboxes were not created equal

Reckon gearboxes were designed with the most famous gearbox-designing software in the airspace industry, using cautious calculation parametres that reflect the way you are using your gearboxes. You do not need to oversize them.

- The X-treme, Booster and Ultimate lines are ideal with high-acceleration rack and pinions. X-Treme will be used in applications where the radial load applied to the shaft is high, Booster and ultimate will be preferred in dynamic applications.

- The Access, Wiser and Lively lines will surprise you by their price/performance ratio. Access is able of acceeration like no other gearbox in its category and can carry more torque too. Wiser is a low-cost helical gearbox that will outperform most gearboxes in its price range. Lively is a true 3 arc-min backlash gearbox at unbeatable prices.

Reckon gearheads are highly precise, and they only include premium components (bearings, seals, lubricant and painting from world-class suppliers), they will be reliable in tough applications.


High quality racks and pinions

Our precision racks are premium quality too. They are precise and made from the best steels, in order to last longer in your system. We pay great attention to the way they look, so your system looks better too.


All Reckon products were designed to improve your transmission performance, not to just maintain it. They can perform where most competitors products just won't.

Reckon gearboxes and racks are interchangeable with most competitors products, so switching has never been easier.  The gearboxes will be delivered to you with the adapting flange corresponding to your motor without additional charge.

Our products

Low-backlash planetary gearboxes

High precision racks

High precision pinions

SPS, Nurenberg, 26-28 Nov 2019

SPS, Nurenberg, 26-28 Nov 2019

Meet our Italian team at the SPS show. Reckon products will be displayed hall 1 booth 620



Meet with our Thai team and discover Reckon products on stand 9Z08

SPS Parma 27 - 29 May 2019

SPS Parma 27 - 29 May 2019

Meet with our Italian team! Reckon products will be displayed on HALL 3 STAND C045


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