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    Get your Reckon gearbox in 3 to 4 weeks

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    1 arc-min backlash available from size 60 mm.

  • High-precision racks

    as they should always look like

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    Our gearboxes are quiet as mice


We design and manufacture helical or spur, servo-grade gearheads for various kinds of applications, from conveyors to high speed delta robots or fast laser welding, packaging or printing machines. Some of our our ranges are ideal with high-speed rack and pinions.

Reckon gearheads are highly precise, and they only include premium components (bearings, seals, lubricant and painting from world-class suppliers), they will be reliable in tough applications.

Our precision racks are premium quality too. They are precise and we pay great attention to the way they look, so your system looks better too.

All Reckon products were designed to improve your transmission performance, not to just maintain it. They will perform where premium competitor products just won't.

Reckon gearboxes and racks are interchangeable with most competitors products, so switching has never been easier.  The gearboxes will be delivered to you with the adapting flange corresponding to your motor.














The gearhead on the video is our entry-level Wiser 90.


Our products

Precision racks and pinions

Low-backlash planetary gearboxes

High-precision spiral bevel gears

NEW Access line!

Access was developped to offer the lowest price on the market of low-backlash planetary gearboxes. Yet it features carburized and ground planets, 5 arc-min backlash, monobloc housing, NTN bearings and probably the best lubricant on the planet : our usual Sumico gear grease!

New torque ratings!

Internal gear design was improved on the X-Treme, Booster and Ultimate series, with an increase of power of up to 60%!

Quality-based performance

All Reckon low-backlash planetary gearboxes are helical and feature the following elements


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