Quality-based performance

Quality-based Performance

All Reckon planetary gearboxes are helical and feature the elements below:

Low backlash

Most of our ranges feature a <3 arc-min backlash, with a <1 arc-min backlash option available on the Lively, X-Treme, Booster and Ultimate ranges... down to size 60mm!

PerfectPitch design (information available here)

Offering silent operation and reliability (see dedicated section)

High-precision, carburized, quenched and ground gears made of Japanese steel

Offering amazing performance and long lifetime under tough working conditions

Dynamically balanced input couplings

Offering perfect centering, balance and grip to your motor shaft without gererating axial efforts.

Double-supported, caged planet carriers

Offering stiffness and ensuring perfect meshing of gears in acceleration phases.

Premium quality bearings, seals and lubricants

We only use the best components from major international brands.


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Meet our Indian team in ACMEE 2018

Meet our Indian team in ACMEE 2018

Find Reckon products in the 13th International Machine Tools located in the Exhibition Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, Indiafrom 21st to 25th June 2018

New Spirit line!

New Spirit line!

In addition to the Ultimate range, Spirit is dedicated to weakly dynamic applications. This gearbox offers a rotating flange output that will save you space. Its price is very competitive thanks to the use of a straight toothing.

NEW Access line!

NEW Access line!

Access was developped to offer the lowest price on the market of low-backlash planetary gearboxes. Yet it features carburized and ground planets, 5 arc-min backlash, monobloc housing, NTN bearings and probably the best lubricant on the planet : our usual Sumico gear grease!


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